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Treat yo self.


Butterflies and moths (and cute fuzzy caterpillars!) by artist Eleazar Albin

Eleazar Albin was a painter working and living in London for most of his life. He gave instruction in watercolors before being employed as a journeyman illustrator by silk weaver and renowned nature illustrator Joseph Dandridge. Both Albin and Dandridge were well-known insect illustrators and were much respected and praised by trained naturalists of the day.

In this 1720 edition of his best-known book, A Natural History of English Insects—using what some suspect to be several of Dandridge’s illustrations—Albin not only depicts insects in various stages of the life cycle but gives written details as to their habits and activities. Albin makes no attempt to organize or classify the insects in his illustrations and text except into the broadest categories.

See more about the history of scientific illustration our 2009 exhibition, 150 Years of On the Origin of Species: The Historical Journey from Specimens to Species.

Albin, Eleazar, active 1713-1759.   A natural history of English insects : illustrated with a hundred copper plates, curiously engraven from the life: and (for those who desire it) / exactly coloured by the author Eleazer Albin.  London : Printed for the author, 1720. MERLIN catalog record.

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A Multi-Function Clip That Hides a Toolbox In Your Hair


Saul Leiter

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Golden-headed Manakin (by jaytee27)

Iridescent Hematite - Elba Island, Tuscany, Italy

There is a wide range of lifespans for the various creatures that inhabit the oceans.
infographic produced by Smarter Every Day

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Alcohol vs marijuana


Bill Murray Crashes Bachelor Party, Gives Awesome Speech 

bill murray gives advice that only rich people can follow

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Earthstars by bigredsharks